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Pete – The Photographer


What are your dreams? What do you really want in life? Communicate those to me, and let me help you reach them. I find true joy in being a motivator and captivator, so my photography sessions seek to uncover those dreams, visualize them, and capture the magic and energy deep inside you when you begin to articulate those goals.

A session with me is both therapeutic and fun. Forget “smile!”, “Cheese!”, or that terrible “Make a connection!”, I’ll layer on a variety of moves to get your physical presence to look its best, and then I’ll get creative with your passions to get the facial expression you know you’re capable of showing the rest of us. Forget “I’m not photogenic” – you simply haven’t been in front of a photographer who seeks to be the best he can from a holistic perspective, not just the technical and artistic sides of photography.

If you’re hoping to get hired, whether employed or not, I’m the headshot guy for you. If you’re already in a job that depends on lots of client interaction, and you’re not seeing the quantity of clients you wish, the quality of clients you seek, or both, you’ve found the right place. I’m the one who helps you put your best foot forward for that first impression that’s so incredibly present online these days.