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So glad you’re coming in for a headshot session! Wardrobe is an essential element of your imagery and now’s the time to get it all prepared. Raid your closet for tops that meet these criteria:

  • Clothes that fit you well (we can pin some things to get them a little tighter but can’t easily overcome clothes that are too small).

  • Clothes that you love (that feeling will carry through your smile).

  • A variety of colors that work well with your hair, eyes, and skin.

  • An assortment of necklines and/or styles.

When in doubt, bring it to the studio as anything still on the rack can’t be photographed! Gently put at least 10 tops and preferably 20 on the list to bring, clean and pressed. (Insider tip: a quick shopping trip for some brand-new items is a great way to get a few more options; keep the tags on and return whatever you decide you don’t want long-term.) My fellow photographer Todd Dring sees two clients a month who arrive with “loaner clothes”, and I’m hoping to beat his numbers soon!

While you’re at it, if it’s relevant to your industry, think about combinations: jackets and vests can dress up some tops and provide a great selection of options within the same look. If you’re going to wear a tie, bring a bunch – it’s far trickier to quantify what makes the best tie a winner than just picking it from what you’ve brought.