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As you refine your search for a headshot photographer, you’re probably going to see lots of packages or services that mention a “look”. Better photographers are going to ask you to bring a deep assortment of wardrobe choices (and may also have wardrobe options on hard) and will help narrow down the choices to the items that make you look your very best.

Each of those wardrobe choices that you’ll wear for the camera constitutes a “look”. Generally, adding a layering piece (jacket, vest) or another wardrobe accessory (tie) isn’t a new look. You may also try a few pieces early on to confirm the selections, and these aren’t representative of the looks you’re going to pursue during the session.

Essentially, your photographer wants to deliver a top-notch product for you, but also wants to schedule their resources (studio space, perhaps makeup artist, editing/retouching, and all of the other things that go into entrepreneurship) such that they can keep their business running. Many headshot clients hope to create a small assortment of options so they can rotate their headshots over the next 1-2 years, and often those are different choices of clothing, or perhaps just different facial expressions (big smile, tiny smile, sneaky, stealthy, etc.). My friend and fellow headshot photographer Cindy Quinn agrees that all of us in the Headshot Crew go above and beyond to deliver!

When in doubt, simply let your photographer know what your objectives are. Client satisfaction is a key goal for most creative individuals, so open up the dialogue now and make some fantastic images together!