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Timing is everything on this topic! I’m sure you’ve shaved plenty of times in your life, and you know your face best. If razor burn is a risk, let’s figure out how to stack the deck in your favor. How long does the redness take to fade, versus how long for the shadows to appear? Is there an aftershave that helps hold off the shadows or minimize the redness?

Remember that we’re both deeply invested in getting great headshots for you. A little planning can go a long way to presenting yourself with well-tamed facial hair and/or smooth skin. Our upcoming session might even be a great excuse to visit the barber for a little pampering, maybe even a visit to a spa for a great facial (just be sure to ask how far in advance makes the most sense for our session). My friend and fellow photographer Tom Jamison knows that as a photographer, he’s got to keep his image up to date, but he loves a little splurge to have the barber clean up his face shortly before he steps in front of the camera.

Just for reference, keep in mind that the art and science of photographic retouching is a lot easier when fixing some skin redness than it is trying to hide stubble. Let’s get ready to make some fantastic images at our upcoming session!