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Hair: if a haircut is in the cards between now and your session, time it right. You want that style to settle in a bit, so plan it for 2-7 days before your session and don’t take any unnecessary risks (new style, new stylist, new color, etc.)

Wardrobe: bring at least 10 tops, 20 if you can.  Bring a variety of necklines and colors, and make sure you love every item. Go shopping and keep the tags on if you wish; I’ve done many sessions where my client got to see how their new finds really looked and committed to new pieces because of how it looked on-camera.

Makeup: use one of our talented and professional makeup artists, or come to the studio ready to make your makeup blend better than you’ve done in the past year! Seriously, any hard line is going to be magnified by the camera and studio lights, and the goal is to accentuate you, not make you look made-up. Use colors that truly work with your natural tones; attempting to create a tanned look won’t work unless it matches your neck and shoulders, for example. Keep the lips modest and not too bold, lest your audience spends all day looking at your lips and never notices your confident eyes.

Shaving: timing is everything, and so is preparation. We don’t want red razor burn, but we also don’t want stubble (it’s the worst thing for retouching, and probably won’t disappear no matter how hard we try).

Attitude: almost every client is nervous, and I wholeheartedly understand your concern. Put your trust in the system, and know that your headshot photographer has the skills, techniques, and tricks to be your mirror when you need it, your coach when you want it, and your leader from start to finish. I enjoy making a difference in your life all within what might only be a thirty minute session! A great friend in the Dallas area, Judy Babinski, knows all too well how magical this can be!

In the end, the most important thing to do is show up: we can fix your hair, we can raid the studio wardrobe for a few items, there’s a stash of basics in our makeup table, etc., but if you’re not there, none of the magic happens. Do the best you can to prepare, and let’s get some images captured today!