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Absolutely!  I offer the option to produce headshots both in-studio and on-location. Everything needed to deliver my consistently high-caliber product is portable and can be set up in a space that’s 12’x12’, and smaller rooms can be accommodated with some advance planning. Customers often ask for the on-location option when they’re doing an entire team or department, or to maximize the time efficiency for various individuals who may have traveled from afar, etc.

If you’d like to have me come to your location for business headshots, please contact me as soon as you’ve got dates in mind.  I’ll have some questions for you concerning parking, loading, the room I’ll be in, how many people I’ll be photographing, etc., and I’m sure you’ll have questions for me.

If you’re hosting a large group seminar or conference, we can also provide a “headshot booth” where attendees get a professional headshot taken. I’ve got a deep bench of assistants and affiliates who are ready to join me on-site, allowing us to do multiple stations for higher throughput, assistants to help the participants choose their best photo right on the spot, makeup artists to help the participants look their best before they go in front of the camera, and more. If you’ve got a large event, I can easily pull in additional photographers and assistants courtesy of my membership in the Headshot Crew, such as my friend and fellow photographer Amy Bissonette.

I’m also able to provide a private signup page if you’d like to provide some structure to the scheduling process. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizations to make the headshot process (or event) the most successful it can be for you and your team.

One of my favorite compliments from so many of these on-location sessions is hearing about the buzz that the headshots create. Whether it’s “wow, I’ve never had my whole staff dress up so easily!” or “you were here for two hours but the staff was buzzing for days after, talking about all the adventures you used in your coaching”, you can be assured that an on-location event will be highly worthwhile to your crew.