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In a word, YES. Are you hoping to ascend the career ladder? Those hopes boil down to either of two possibilities: new job, or promotion. Either way, the odds are high that you’ll be in front of hiring managers and interview panels, and regardless of whether it’s right, it’s likely they’re going to check you out online.

Similarly, for those in a customer-facing role, I’d bet you’d love to get more clients, better clients, or a combination of both. You might be a realtor, positioning yourself as someone best suited to help others spend huge sums of money and they want someone confident. You might be in automobile sales, and you want customers to ask for you because you present yourself as approachable. Perhaps you’re a lawyer who needs a look of authenticity, or a doctor who wants patients to see you as warm and calming. Regardless of your role, those clients give you a split second to present yourself, and you know you need to do it well.

In all of these situations, the world around you has the tools to find you just about anywhere and everywhere: they’re checking Facebook, they’re poking around LinkedIn. Google might turn up some conference presentations you’ve given, and your speaker profile from a decade ago. Bing might pull up profiles on Monster, Dice, or that partnership you worked with two years ago. As my friend and fellow photographer Joe Loper said, “you can run, but you can’t hide”. 

Take the reins today to get a great headshot, but rather than calling the photographer who did your wedding a decade ago, choose a headshot specialist who knows this genre inside and out. Don’t let your headshot be defined by the bushes and trees your photographer loves for all of their portrait sessions! Don’t get boxed into a photo shoot that’s dependent on tomorrow’s sunset time, only to be ruined by a passing rain shower…actively select a photographer who puts the focus on you, with a clean, plain background that won’t clash with your outfit. Let them put you in front of the right lighting, so there’s no question of how well you’ll look.

Most of all, find a headshot specialist who has the training and techniques to focus on your expression. None of us know what our face is doing without a mirror, so pick a photographer who you can trust to be your mirror, and give you the coaching to make you look your best. Very few of us know how to position the corners of our mouth, the bottom of our eyelids, or the peaks of our eyebrows ourselves, so let a Headshot Crew specialist guide you start to finish so you can make that next career move tomorrow!