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Do you want a new job or a new promotion? Are you a service professional who’d enjoy having more clients, a higher tier of clients, or both? If any of those things ring a bell for you, you need a professional headshot, pronto!

For those seeking a job or promotion, whether it’s right or wrong, rest assured that hiring managers, interviews, and others are going to judge you using any means they can find, and often that’s a search of online profiles. Just like the classic line, “dress for the job you want to be in”, your profiles should represent an individual who will succeed in the position you hope to land. That party photo with drunken eyes, that vacation photo with an ex cropped out (or “markered over”), or a poorly-lit image where you’re essentially hiding in your own shadow – any of those aren’t going to present you in your best light.

As a professional photographer, I’m always trying to get an authentic image of the real you, and trying to portray you in the best way possible. Some of the things I assess in my work (and that of others) is whether the eyes show a confidence that signals a knowledge and intellect worthy of a higher level, and a mouth that shows a calm approachability so I can feel ready to strike up a conversation with you easily.

There’s also a host of technical details I’m handling in the background. Perspective matters, and one key aspect is the distance of the camera lens from your face. Selfies inevitably give all of us an overly prominent nose, so I’m keeping a proper distance to help others see you as they would in conversation. You’ll see the results in living color on large-screen calibrated monitors in the studio, and we’ll use them to deliver focused coaching to improve the results as the session proceeds. Fellow headshot photographer Duane Furlong agrees with me!

Take the right step to accelerate your journey – book that headshot session today!