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In a nutshell, yes, if makeup is a normal or semi-normal thing for you. My professional makeup artists have a refined eye for the level of detail that’s necessary for a top-notch headshot. Daily wear makeup is often not the best choice for the close-up nature of a headshot, with hard edges and other aspects intended for view from afar.

Technology reigns supreme in today’s photography studios, and all of my sessions are shot in a “tethered” manner, where the images are delivered instantly onto a computer. Large monitors display the images, and my makeup artists have an iPad where they can review any of the images and zoom in to check the finest of details. Having their eyes on the makeup details allows you and I to focus on expression and position, and that helps keep the session flowing smoother and faster. My good buddy across the pond, James Keates, knows all too well how his clients have benefited from having a makeup artist assist for their headshots.

If makeup isn’t a part of your routine whatsoever, now’s not the time to introduce it. I do have a large mirror and makeup light, so if you’re going to do your own makeup we do have a great facility for any last-minute touch-ups, and check out our other posts on how to do the best job possible. Nonetheless, we do highly recommend using one of our talented makeup specialists for your upcoming headshot session!