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We have been hard at work getting commercial space ready for the studio to move in. The last month found us:

  • Repairing drywall
  • Sanding walls
  • Priming and painting walls
  • Painting accent stripes
  • Laying vinyl tongue and groove flooring
  • Adding threshold transition pieces in the doorways
  • Assembling furniture
  • Hanging curtains
  • Setting-up three shooting bays in the studio

We couldn’t have done it alone (although we may have tried). It took many hands pitching in to accomplish this in three weeks of hard work. With the help of family and friends, we were ready to open “on time”.

We officially opened the studio on Friday, June 1st with an evening celebration to show-off the new space. We welcomed friends, family, colleagues and potential new clients. The studio has a makeup and hair station, three shooting bays, a private changing area and a beverage station (complete with ice machine!) Our website also saw many new visitors this week and the scheduling tool was put to the test with new bookings coming in for sessions at the new studio.

 Photos courtesy of Mike Nakamura.

Photos courtesy of Mike Nakamura.

Many thanks to all of those who pitched in and supported us on this journey!

  • Tommy Collier of Collier Success Coaching (amazing friend, mentor and coach; He taught us how to Think Into Results and we aren’t done yet!)
  • Sean Langan (advice, support, lending of tools and access to the space before a key was ready)
  • Peter Templin (wall repairs and sanding)
  • Justin Patrick (flooring cut-outs, threshold creation, curtain rod hanging and literally any handyman-type task my wife could put on the “Justin Please Do” list)
  • Kirin Polhemus (furniture assembly, loaning of Justin’s time, endless support and encouragement)
  • Mandi Pushkar (logo cut-out/window application, personalized mugs)
  • Cassandra Shuck and her amazing team at Tola Marketing (logo and color selection)
  • Chef Sean and the amazing team at Flavour Bistro (great neighbors, amazing food and snacks for the grand opening)
  • Cevan Lawver (support and set-up assistance)
  • Mike Nakamura (taking photos at the grand opening)
  • EF Prints (printed business cards on time)
  • Duvall Flowers and Gifts (floral arrangement for the Grand Opening)
  • Melissa Weese (first unsolicited booking through the website)