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“Do I really need a headshot?”

The answer is a resounding, “YES!” and not just because I’m a headshot photographer. You may not be an actor whose headshot is half of your resume, but the fact remains that today we use photos everywhere. You may not be a realtor who needs a headshot on business cards, for sale signs, and flyers, but having a good headshot allows you to present yourself. You want others to see you both online and in-person with a consistent self-brand. Even if you’re not a politician whose face goes everywhere, you may start with just a LinkedIn profile photo. Then it becomes your badge photo, your identification photo at the gym and suddenly you’re creating contact cards with your headshot to take with you to the latest conference you’re attending. (I know my wife can’t be the only one and yes, she emailed her headshot to the gym to have her gym profile photo updated!) While networking and leaving an impression, you become memorable and stand out from the crowd!

The Importance of Investing in a Professional Headshot

First impressions count! It takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression. It is crucial that prospective business partners, clients and/or employers’ first impression be of your confidence and approachability. Make that first impression your best impression. Make sure the first impression they see is the very best you possible.

When you view LinkedIn profiles, which profile are you more interested in, the one of a professional headshot or the one that is a blurry cell phone photo with someone cut out from last weekends house party? Chances are, you would consider the candidate with a professional photo for a position you were offering over the party photo, unless you’re looking for new friends to help you finish that keg on Saturday.

Your headshot is an indication of the type of person you are. Not only is it your first impression (and sometimes the only impression people have of you) but it is the start of your personal branding. By taking the time to have a professional headshot and putting that out in the world you signal to the world that you value your time, appearance and you take your job or your business seriously. Make that first impression one they will remember and show the world that you are someone they want to do business with and get to know better.

Headshots are important because they represent who you are as a person – your brand. Many people use two or three different headshots. For example, my wife has three (and not just because she’s married to a headshot photographer). One is her fun, social network photo where she’s clearly jovial and laughing. The other is more professional and she uses it on LinkedIn and at in the business world. The third she uses as her “photographer” personality, it’s professional, but a bigger smile and not as “corporate”. Now whether she’s attending an interview where she needs to be professional or going to another women’s networking event (where they are accustomed to looking at a Facebook profile photo), her brand management is consistent.

There is no denying the fact that a good headshot is a must for most career and growth opportunities that arise. Will you be prepared when that opportunity comes knocking?

As your headshot photographer, I will help you exude confidence in your headshot. Together we will create the impression you want to portray to potential clients or employers. I will lead you in your wardrobe selection, posing techniques and teach you the fine-art of “squinching”.

I will identify your “best side” and we will create a headshot that opens doors, creates opportunities and impresses even your toughest audience (including those ex-es that you want to see how well you’re doing without him/her!)