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Many people think they need to run out and get their hair “done” or cut right before a photo session. A week before your session is great! You don’t want to come straight from the hairdresser cutting your hair.

Men should pay special attention to their sideburns for evenness. Don’t do this the morning of your session though or you’ll end up with lighter skin that appears as a highlight in photos from that freshly shaved/cleaned-up area.

A cut and/or color touch-up is ideally done three to ten days prior to your headshot. This allows your hair to not look “freshly mowed”. Any awkward cuts have settled down and color treatments or root touchups have blended in.

Go easy on any eyebrow trimming or plucking prior to your session. It’s easier to remove a stray hair or clean-up brows during retouching than to try to fill-in brows.

You want to arrive at your session with hair that is ready to get in front of the camera. Women can get hairstyling assistance from the makeup artist, but she’ll want to know how you typically wear it. Remember, the goal of a headshot is to look like YOU!