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Each person who joins me gets one free headshot delivered within 24 hours. The session is quick and easy. One outfit. Once I see a shot worth keeping, we’re done. Usually less than 20 minutes! Then the retouching work begins and I get the headshot posted and emailed off to the person before my session the next day.

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Studio Grand Opening

We officially opened the studio on Friday, June 1st with an evening celebration to show-off the new space. We welcomed friends, family, colleagues and potential new clients. The studio has a makeup and hair station, three shooting bays, a private changing area and a beverage station (complete with ice machine!) Our website also saw many new visitors this week and the scheduling tool was put to the test with new bookings coming in for sessions at the new studio.

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The Makings of a Strong Headshot

It has become a bit cliché these days to talk about a three-legged stool. Since I’m a photographer I refer to a tripod, which is a tool I use every day. Let’s use a realtor as an example. Your personal brand is a sum of three parts: your online presence (e.g., website, listings, etc.), written copy and your headshot. What happens if this third leg is extremely weak or doesn’t convey trust and approachability? The tripod, with your brand on the top, tips over. You don’t want your business prospects jeopardized by a poorly taken headshot!

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The Importance of Investing in a Professional Headshot

First impressions count! It takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression. It is crucial that prospective business partners, clients and/or employers’ first impression be of your confidence and approachability. Make that first impression your best impression. Make sure the first impression they see is the very best you possible.

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Makeup Tips for a Headshot Session

I strongly encourage women to invest in a professional makeup artist for their headshot session. You want your headshot to be natural and timeless. Your daily makeup routine may not be the right look to capture you in a close-up headshot. Plus, isn’t it nice to have an excuse to get pampered every once in awhile?…

…I don’t usually like men to wear makeup in headshots. If you happen to wear a little concealer on a daily basis, feel free to wear it to your headshot. I do recommend men to wear a facial moisturizer of some kind so we don’t have any dry skin issues. If you tend to have oily skin, I have a wonderful product that we can put on you to cut the shine if need be.

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